Clearwater Stage IV Phase B Subdivision

This subdivision construction project is sponsored by the Clearwater River Dene Nation, a community located in Clearwater River, Saskatchewan - 600kms north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Work expands the community by providing water and sanitary services to 33 new residences. Construction particulars include

  • 1.9 ha of site preparation (clearing, grubbing and tree removal)
  • 200mm sanitary sewer installation (712m), depths of 3 to 4.5m
  • 26 manhole installations and connections to existing infrastructure
  • 150mm water main installation (1410m) and connections to the existing infrastructure
  • 33 service connections; 810m of sanitary connections and 770m of waterline connections
  • 6400m2 of roadway work including erosion control and aggregate installations
  • Drainage work including the installation of 400mm CSP culverts (48m), ditch installation and improvements, foundation improvements and rip rap installation