Spruce Grove Industrial Park - Deep Utilities

This project, sponsored by the City of Spruce Grove, comprised the installation of sanitary and water services in preparation for the sale of the associated industrial block of lots. Option collaborated with the City to find $84,000 in cost savings for a revised budget to align the project with year-end financial constraints. Construction particulars included

  • Project start up activities; contract execution, submittals (ECO/ESC Plan, TAS, Schedule, Shop Drawings), and procurement
  • Deep sanitary installation of 200mm (300m with 25m, case bored) up to 8m deep, 1200mm manholes (4) and connection to the existing infrastructure
  • Watermain installation of 250m (195m), TVS/hot taps (2), fire hydrants with leads (2), connection to the existing infrastructure and preparation for a future connection
  • Installation required threading services between two Trans Mountain/Kinder Morgan Pipelines
  • Restoration of curb/gutter and asphalt
  • Site restoration