Urban Land Development

We take pride in constructing communities, often where we live and work. Our experienced construction team, backed with the right equipment, allows us to execute a wide variety and scale of project – any size, type and depth of pipe can be addressed, from deep trunk lines to large diameter concrete storm and box culverts, water distribution to site services, and new construction to rehabilitation projects. We deliver safely performed, high quality projects, on schedule.

Municipal Rehabilitation

As material lifecycles end, the need to replace existing infrastructure is has become a substantial component of the municipal construction industry. This work often includes water, sanitary and stormwater mains, fire hydrants, manholes, catch basins and services (including temporary potable water and sanitary bypasses).

Our team is experienced in all shoring methods (trench boxes, hydraulic shorting, slide rail system) while maintaining an OH&S compliant site. By preplanning our work, we ensure traffic/pedestrian accommodations and utility protection is properly addressed to provide a safe perimeter for our construction sites, frequently located in dense commercial or residential locations.

Trenchless Construction (HDD, Pipe-Jack, Micro-tunneling, Case Bore, Direct Pipe Installation)

Option team has worked on numerous trenchless projects in the past. As a General Contractor, our experience in horizontal directional drilling, case bores, pipe-jacking, micro-tunneling and direct pipe installation allows us to monitor and collaborate with our subcontractors to ensure the most effective use of time during these activities. Our leaders and field personnel have long and well-established relationships with our trusted subcontractors, providing us the ability to take on work anywhere in Western Canada.

General and Emergency Repair Services

Our team is well versed in regularly scheduled and emergency repair work of deep infrastructure. Repairs addressed have encompassed water main breaks, valve replacements, and sewer repairs to lesser and greater degrees.

Our fully equipped mobile tool trailers provide Option the ability to mobilize on short notice for after hours deployment and is well stocked with tools and materials. We’re well prepared for emergency work and can also collaborate with clients to address a scheduled repair by assisting in the identification of issues, collaborating on an execution plan and performing a safe and efficient repair.

Maintenance Services (Including Testing, Pigging and Temporary Water)

Preventative maintenance is critical in maintaining the integrity of deep utility infrastructure and ensuring lifecycle expectations are achieved. Our team is eager to collaborate with clients to design and/or implement preventative programs to address their systems to ensure they remain in peak operation condition.

Beyond our ability to provide plans for valve exercising, hydrant maintenance, CCTV inspection, line flushing (per industry or supplier recommendations), Option’s dedicated underground maintenance crew can self-perform or supervise subcontracted services for

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing water mains
  • Water main chlorination
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Hydrant maintenance
  • Infiltration issues
  • CCTV inspections
  • Temporary water servicing
  • Long term maintenance programs
  • Gravity main exfiltration and infiltration testing
  • Manhole benching and concrete work

Pipe Fusion Services

Option’s in-house HDPE/PVC certified and experienced Fusion Technicians work with all diameters of pipe and are also certified for electrofusion couplers on HDPE. Their work is fully documented for quality assurance/control requirements and records are submitted throughout the duration of fusing activities.

Our Technicians work diligently to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of environment, confined areas and/or weather conditions.

Line Stops and Hot Tap Services

Through self-performed or supervised subcontracted services, Option can undertake hot tap or valve insertion projects to allow for connections to existing systems, without service interruptions.

Concrete and Asphalt Cutting/Coring

Option’s team can undertake asphalt cutting for underground service work, coring into manholes and existing structures.

Civil Pipe Construction

Our current team has installed over 300 kms of utility mains in Alberta over the last 10 years, including

  • Water transmission mains (PVC and HDPE, via open cut and HDD
  • Water distribution systems
  • Sanitary force main systems

The team’s work also encompasses

  • Pipe fusion
  • Right of Way striping and restoration
  • Right of Way access solutions
  • Pipe installation via open cut and trenchless methods
  • Pipeline hydrostatic testing and pigging
  • Quality assurance and control measures
  • Commissioning
  • Close out documentation
  • Stakeholder communication

Trunk Main and Outfall Construction

Our team’s experience in completing on-site and off-site trunk mains of varying sizes and depths, consists of and is not limited to

  • Large diameter PVC and concrete sanitary lines
  • Large diameter PVC and concrete storm main lines
  • Large diameter water distribution systems
  • Trenchless trunk main installations
  • Stormwater outfalls
  • Oil/grit separation units
  • Lift stations